About us

I was born and raised in the village of Belantih,

which is located near Mt. Batur in the  Kintamani,

highlands region in northern Bali, Indonesia.

I grew up working on my family's farm.

When I was a child, we lit kerosene lamps at night because electricity was not available.

We lived a simple life surrounded by beautiful mountains.

As the coffee market was developing on the Kintamani plateau in the 1980s prices were low.

Growing and harvesting coffee was not worthwhile for many farmers in the region. 

To this day, the status of farmers in Bali remains low, while tourism dominates the economy. 

bali kintamani coffee farm

Upon graduating high school I moved from my village to started working in tourism.

I drove taxi and met tourists from different parts of the world.

This was an opportunity to make quick cash and learn English. It was valuable experience.

Nonetheless, I started feeling a sense of discontent and disparity as I witnessed more hotels

and shopping malls being built.

The booming tourism industry created more traffic and pollution, and caused land prices to skyrocket.

Tragically many farmers have been forced to sell their farms.


Most Balinese, including myself, are Hindu.

According to Hindu philosophy, happiness comes from a good relationship with God, others and the environment.

I realized my dissatisfaction with working in tourism was the result of an imbalance between these three elements.

Simultaneously I have come to understand the joy of cultivating and farming the land

where I grew up - I am proud to share the fruits of the earth.

Fortunately, my wife(who was also working in tourism) holds the same feelings.

Consequently, Old Friends Coffee was born.

bali kintamani coffee farmer

Although coffee is not an essential part of everyday life, it does bring tiny happiness to many people.

We would like to deliver " tiny happiness" to you and do so as directly as possible.

Your happiness and satisfaction brings us gratification.

In time, we hope this will encourage other young people to farm proudly,

and will help to boost the farming industry in Bali.

Old Friends Coffee is possible by support from family members, friends and coffee lovers(like you!).

Thank you all, and thank you Mother Earth for the fruits you give us.

Old Friends Coffee

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